1. Information Gathering and Project Exploration

We begin each project with an informational client meeting to examine the challenges to be addressed, long and short-term goals, appropriate communication channels and measures of success.

2. Project Creative Brief

Following the exploratory meeting, Bluerae prepares a Creative Brief summarizing key findings and outlining our strategic recommendations and specific project efforts. Once the brief is reviewed, Bluerae prepares a Project Schedule. At this time, additional client and competitive information may be obtained to assist in project development.

3. Project Concept

With key messaging and direction under refinement, Bluerae develops and presents a conceptual outline in written and/or visual form. Specific project elements and strategies are reviewed and discussed prior to implementation to keep the project on schedule.

4. Project Implementation

Once concepts are approved, Bluerae develops and implements all project components as outlined in the Project Creative Brief. An updated project schedule with specific review points and milestones is provided to define responsibilities and ensure the timely completion of deliverables.

5. Project Debrief

Following completion of the project, Bluerae reviews the project process and results with the client. This helps to assess positive aspects and any necessary refinement while ensuring productive, long-term relationships.

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Information Gathering & Project Exploration

Project Creative Brief

Project Concept

Project Implementation

Project Debrief


Lisa Scoville, Founder & Principal

Tracy Mazzuca, Principal

Maureen O’Connor, Vice President, Marketing